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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Last season at Busch....*sniffle*

dARLA and Alicia

dARLA and Chris

Chris and Alicia

Chris, Alicia and me at the ballgame...

I've been taken out to the ballgame...

Nothing, I mean nothing tops a phone call invite to the baseball game when you least expect it. I was on my way back to school tonight to do some work when I got the call. "What are you doing? You wanna go to the ballgame with us?" Heck yes I do! Although it rained some, we had awesome seats and a great time. Big pretzels were eaten by all! Thanks Alicia and Chris!

Take Care,
You know you love me,

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Not too much has went on since last week. But since it's that time of the month to be irritated I decided to make a list of things that irritate me. Get cozy, this could last a while.

  1. People who don't use their turn signals. If they're out of blinker fluid, I understand, but com'on let's get that fixed.
  2. Bad breath.
  3. People at work that think that they are better than you for some reason.
  4. Planter fasciitis.
  5. Ugly people.
  6. People who use the word hate.
  7. Gas Prices.
  8. Not getting enough sleep.
  9. People who walk into a closed bedroom while people are in there "sleeping."
  10. People who say one thing but then somehow seem to act another.
  11. Barking dogs.
  12. Driving 46 miles one way.
  13. No beer.
  14. My car with a hole in the heater channel so that when it rains my car fills with water.
  15. Teachers that never assist you or even come to class even though you pay them an ass load of money.
  16. People who complain all the time..lol
  17. People who come over and mess with my compuer equipment and think that they are the compuer god and really just shank things all up. Damn you.
Okay, I feel better now. Sorry I had to put ya'll through that.

So I went into Lemay earlier this week and visited with an old friend from St. Martin's. It was a grand time. Someone gave her a chick for Easter, and well now, it's a chicken and she doesn't know what to do with it, so I told her that I would take it to the farm. She said her son had named it "Super Girl." So, Super Girl and I started our adventure to Tricia's. I let the chicken out in Tricia's living room and it pecked around the carpet for a while until Tricia and I layed down on the couch. That damn chicken jumped up on the couch, wiggled between us and then went to sleep. Tricia and I were laughing so hard. I threw her off like 3 times and each time Super Girl would come right back. What a crock!

Well, that's all for now.

Take Care,
You know you love me,

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Black eye and bruises

black eye and bruises

Black eye and bruises

So I'm currently enrolled in a class on the Study of Non-Verbal Behavior. For our final project we had to study peoples non-verbal behavior. Some people dressed real nice and went to Frontenac and went shopping and then went home and changed clothes into something real dirty or goth like with the black lip stick and chains and stuff and went back and noted how they got treated differently because of their appearance. So I decided to give myself a big black eye and bruise on my head and go to work all weekend at the greenhouse. It was funny. Most of the people that I helped wouldn't even hold eye contact with me. They would just give me their money and then look down, or I could feel them staring at me while I was getting their change but when I looked up they would look down real fast. I only had a handful of people ask me what happened and they wouldn't even ask me over the counter. They waited until I finished their transaction and then came to the side of the register and asked me quietly, I assume not to embarass me. I told anyone that asked that I got in a silly fight over groceries with the boy that I was seeing. They either asked if I hit him back or just gasped and told me to take care. It was quite comical.

The funniest part was when this older lady, like 75 approached the counter. I made eye contact with her and smiled and without missing a beat she proclaims loudly "Well, I guess that will teach you to keep your mouth shut!" and she paid for her flowers and walked out. I couldn't hardly believe it.

Nicolas didn't care for it at all. He refused to take me to dinner or anywhere else until I washed it off. He was quite testy about it.

Take Care,
You know you love me,

Monday, April 11, 2005

I caught rain drops on the tip of my tongue

It was a good weekend. A lot of driving, but worth it. It was basically like this: Go to work. Go to Illinois. Go to work. Go to Illionis. Go to work. Go to Illinois.... You get the point. Dad wasn't so happy about all the driving and me not being home all weekend. I hate it when dad's mad.

I did a very interesting project this weekend for my psych class. I will make a seperate post later.

So I'm reading this really great book by Mitch Albom. He wrote "Tuesday's with Morrie" a while back, while I was still in high school. While I was at Borders last week, I noticed that he had a new book out. It is titled "the five people you meet in heaven." I'm almost finished with it and I just came across a really great quote.
"Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves."
I think this is so true. It reminds me of someone I know, or used to know.

That's all for now,
Take Care,
You know you love me,

Monday, April 04, 2005

Soccer Sundays

Weekend recap goes as follows...

Thursday: Finally dancing! I arrived alone because someone, I won't mention names, decided not to call me to let me know that she was leaving. So anywho, I went alone, and met up with everyone there. The Nickel showed up around 11. He had some beer and we left. It was good to go dancing again. It's only been like three weeks that I've been absent from it, but it seems like eternity.

Friday: I worked at Wiethop's till about 3:30. I hurried home and we left for the racetrack. What a joke. The weather decided not to cooperate at all. The race got cancelled and we were back at home and unloaded by 8:00. The Nickel took me to dinner at Friday's. Nothing too exciting.

Saturday: Worked at Wiethop's again. Alex and I got off around 3:30. I decided to take a snap on the couch. I fell asleep around 5:00. That's when I went to bed. I was so tired for some reason. So, Saturday was a wasted day. O well. Everyone needs a day like that sometimes.

Sunday: LOL Worked again. See a pattern here? After work I went to my friend Heather's house to take some shots of her and her mother for some business cards. It was great fun. She has two labs and it reaffirmed my belief that I need a big dog. Soccer was late, 11:15. It was a rough game. I got elbowed in the eye and I got laid out on the turf. I had those little black pellets in my mouth. Gross. But we kicked ass. We won 8-0.

Beautiful weather all weekend long. Plus we had daylight savings time, so now it's really like summer's almost here. I can't wait.

I knew it was going to be a good day today when I pulled into school and got a front row spot and didn't even have to wait for someone else to pull out first. We went to the park and painted in painting class, my photography teacher wasn't there, and I pulled my very first pot in ceramics today. I was so excited. We've been working on the wheel for three weeks now and just pulling cylinders up and then cutting them in half to try and learn about how the clay and the wheel works. Well I made a beautiful vase and got to keep it! Merry Christmas to everyone, ya'll are getting pots, and if you think I'm kidding, I'm not, so make some room.

I just feel as if I'm trying so hard at something, that is going nowhere. And not just that it's going nowhere, but I don't even know if it has anywhere to go. It's very frusterating and confusing. I agree with the saying that "actions speak louder than words," but words do have some meaning also. I feel like it's holding on for no reason, like it's just something to fill the gap between now and later. I suppose only time will tell, but how do you know when that time is up and when you are just dragging things along?

Sorry about that, just had to get some thoughts out. I apoligize if this causes any unrest. I'm sure I'll hear about it.

Take Care,
You know you love me,

I love you guys. All of you.