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Thursday, February 16, 2006

some pics...

Hey...not too much new news. Valentines Day was good, Nickel and I had reservations at Ruby Tuesday and that was nice. School is starting to get really really busy...like pull my hair out busy. Other than that nada. Heres some recent pics for you!! Here's a link to Nickels blog where our Valentines pics are..Valentines Pics

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Because I wanna be a cowboy baby...

I had a pretty exciting weekend. Me and the girls all went out. The girls meaning the girls that I went to grade school with. Stephanie, Maggie and I first all went to dinner at some place down at the Loop I cant remember the name of the place but it was fancy there and our bill for 3 of us was 80 bucks!!! YIKES! It was good though. We then met up with Liz and proceded to Saddle Ridge in Westport. It's the new country bar out there. What a disgrace to country bars is all I have to say. First off the dance floor was teeny tiny then noone was line dancing except for like 6 people and everyone kept getting in their way. They were drinking beer and smoking on the dance floor and it was awful. I bet half those people haven't even ever seen a damn cow and they thought "Hey look at me, I'm at a country bar country dancing" just because they were stomping their foot on the wood floor. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH We did have a great time though and I miss hanging out with them on a regular basis.

What's new, what's new.... Um...school is good I suppose. Liz makes me skip classes all the time, which is no good. Nicolas and I are getting along semi-well. It's day by day but getting better. I just need to get my head out of my ass and get on track and then things will go a little smoother. I'm afraid of getting hurt and I think thats why I haven't totally let him back in yet. I'm trying though...gimmie some time.

That's all for now, I'm feelin' sleepy.

Take Care,
You know you love me,