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Monday, February 14, 2005

Once upon a time in my brain....pt. 2

The sun is setting, and off in the distance Gwendolyn is seen prancing happily down the lightly grassed trail to the other side of the grounds. She bids farewell to the guards, who instruct her to becareful and behave herself, and continues on her journey. Soon, she reaches Napoleon's castle once more. She quietly enters and finds Napoleon doing math on his abbacus. She motions hello and finds her way into the game room. While in there, Napoleon appears with nothing short of a dozen beautiful roses, a box of her favorite chocolates and a hand written card, just for her. Now Gwendolyn can't believe what is happening. All this just for her? Without a second though, she takes the roses and indulges herself in a long invorgating breath of the sweet smelling flowers. She smiles sweetly as she takes the chocolates and reads the card. Napoleon stands there beaming from how happy he has just made the princess. She quickly throws her arms arounds him and they kiss. What a perfect night! Something so sweet and so unexpected, almost makes Gwendolyn cry. They chat about the day each had and how happy they both are to be rid of the week, and look forward to the busy weekend ahead. Although they do not spend their weekend together, they chat often and keep in contact. A meer misunderstanding on both parts leave Gwendolyn and Napoleon apart for the latter part of their weekend, both wishing each other was there, but no way to get there. Gwendolyn feels this is going in a better direction than last week, and hopes that Napoleon feels the same. As you can see, Napoleon has had a lot to think about and is just trying to find what makes him happy in life. We wish him well!

Take Care,
You know you love me,

Happy Valentines Day everyone. I love you all. Dad, Alex and I went to Ohio this weekend to pick up Dads new bug. I'll put some pics up hopefully tomorrow. It's one bad ass car. We also got the motor in the bus so CAMPING HERE I COME!! All is good here...hope all is good there.


  • At February 15, 2005 4:22 PM, Blogger Nicolas Farley said…

    Napoleon is a deep guy. Everything is not what it always shows on the surface. I wish more would let the book play out before judging by the first chapter!!!

  • At February 16, 2005 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    a frog is a frog is a frog - even a 'deep' frog with flowers is still a frog. Kick it over the castle walls.

  • At February 19, 2005 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Still a frog. One small step in the right direction doesn't make a conversion. If N has turned over a new lillipad, we'll know in a couple months, when G is still happy.


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