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Monday, January 31, 2005

Wiener Shots!!

Let's see where to begin....um...well...okay

Friday...Friday was another wasted day as far as anything productive goes. Got home from Illinois around 10am then went up to school to finish my coil pots for ceramics. Ha what a waste of clay. They look awful! But hay, it's art! Went to the noon lecture with some lady from Washington University and listened to her struggle to talk about their public art exhibit. She was a terrible speaker and it was tough to get through an hour with her. Friday night, I went back and seen my two favorite small people. Who else...Chloe and Mitchie. All was good, once Mitch went to bed Chloe and I did all sorts of illegal stuff you can only do with your cousin. We ate the rest of a candy necklace right before bed, we stayed up late and watched the Barrett-Jackson auction, we yelled and laughed for no reason being quite loud, she ran up and down the hallway. It was good fun. We then read a classic "Hop on Pop" and she went down to sleep.

Saturday...Went to the farm around 11. I was in quite the mood and ready to express to my enemy just what I thought of his behavior, but Mom (Sandy) sensed it and made me promise not to say anything to him and just leave him alone. Damn it. So I got the gator started and did some random things until Tricia decided she was ready to be friendly. We finished feeding together and chatted for about an hour. Everything from weddings to sending certain people to other countries to work. It was good. We haven't had a good conversation in a long time. Tricia caught the new calf (now she has one and I have one) and I hauled it up to the house. Once all was finished for the day out there I left. Arrived home and Lukas came over to visit. I helped dad organize all of our random vw parts, and let me tell you we have plenty. By the time that was through Tricia was getting off work and we headed over to Wild Country for some Saturday night dancing. We had to make a quick stop by Walgreens because I had a coupon for five candy necklaces for a dollar. What a steal! So I got ten. Whoever invented the candy necklace should get a raise. Think about it- it's fashion and a snack! And you get random boys wanting to chew on your neck!! BONUS! Dancing was real fun. The only problem was that it was sooo hot in there. I don't even think hot is the word, it was scorching! But schnapps were on sale for 1.75 so after five or six randomly colored drinks we were ready to head home. It was a good night. Tricia and I haven't hung out just the two of us in a while and we had fun.

Sunday...After waking up at 7 am because Lukas wanted to know if I thought "Marvin was awake yet" we got ready to head downtown for the Barkus Parade and wiener dog races. The weather was beautiful, a little cold but the sun was out. Alex, Lukas and I headed down to get some shots for my photography class. Mom, Dad, Cory, Schultz and Fritz soon joined us. For Christmas my buddy Lee made me a real cute monkey from Build-A-Bear and dressed it up in Buzz Lightyear clothes, just so happens the clothes fit on Fritz! So he was Buzz Lightyear Space Dog. It was REAL cute! We finished there around 3 and headed home. I wrote a quick paper for photography class and then headed up to Concord to meet some friends to play soccer. They were short a girl player (it's a co-ed team) and so asked me to play. Indoor soccer is soooooo much faster than outdoor. I haven't played much indoor so I don't know all the different rules. I had at least 4 penalties in the first half for either kicking from behind or roughing. Whatever! But in the second half some big girl took me down. No joke she knocked me completely over and my feet went over my head backwards. Did she get a penalty? Of course not. It was so nice to be back on the soccer field though I can't explain it. We ended up winning 4-3 and I was invited back for the rest of the season! Alex went with me (mainly to drive me home bc I was so tired) and so he sat on our bench and then he overheard one of the other girls on our team talking about me and how I was good and where did I come from. HA I'M GOOD! hehe, it was definitely a power trip though, at least for the rest of the night.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 crying because my chest hurt so bad. I must have pulled an upper chest muscle. Luckily, I knew Aunt Patty would have a remedy. I called her, and on her way to work she came up and helped me put on some icy/hot patch. Let me tell you, it's great. I can actually breath and walk now. Thank you thank you thank you.

So overall, a fantastic weekend. If I could change it would I? Um...yes, just parts though. I missed out working with Dad this weekend. We were supposed to put the motor in the bus Sunday but instead went downtown. I really value our bonding time, and we don't get it nearly enough. Mostly late at night when everyone else is sleeping and we're both awake on the computers or working in the garage on the bus. Who else do you know can drink beer and smoke cigars with their dad and do it mostly to piss off your brother?

I recently got another feel good action. Last night, someone told me that they appreciated an action that I had made to them. It was a small gesture, but it really hit home. It was that feel good feeling again. Thank you, you know who you are.

So congratulations to you if you actually made it all the way through that blog! Sorry it was so long, I had a lot to say. It was more for me to type out, than for you to have to read I think. But anyways, way to go! Treat yourself with a cookie or something good. Maybe a big bowl of popcorn (hehe), that always puts someone I know in a good mood.

It's the start of a new week...Let's make it a good one!

Take Care,
You know you love me,


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