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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's Wednesday!

Can you believe it's already Wednesday? That means tomorrow is Thursday! DANCING! Already. I think I lost my dance partner though. She just says she has no interest anymore. I know the real reason, she was seeing a boy from there, and now they're on bad terms and she doesn't want to face him. Wussie. I love it when the week goes by this fast. Although I was sick on Monday, so maybe that's why.

So lets talk Vienna...you know overseas. What's the winter like there? I have an awesome opportunity to study abroad and I think I'm going to go Spring 1 of 2006. That would be from January to March, 8 weeks. I'm trying to talk Liz into going with me, so who knows! But everyone is trying to talk me into going Fall 1 that would be from August to October. I would miss my birthday here and that would make me sad. But I don't want to go in January if the weather over there is like it is here. That would be silly of me. But just think...it would be Vienna! Hott European men rowing me on a gondala (sorry cant spell that just sound it out), drinking in the vineyards after class...ahh i can picture it now.

Enough daydreaming...


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