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Friday, January 21, 2005


Welcome to Friday. Finally. One week of school down and what only um....15 more to go. What happened last night you ask? Well it was Thursday so dancing of course. But, all of my companions had decided to be lame and noone wanted to go with me, so ya know what? I just went by myself. Met up with my friends there and danced danced danced. A certain someone called me around 1030 and stated his spot on the map. I then departed my location and was off to be foolish for another night in Illinois.

Why? Not quite sure of that answer yet. Well, yes I am, I know why I do it, because I like him. Why else would someone stick around after they were told that they were second best and leave their friends and fun atmosphere only to go over and chill out on the couch?

"Because you're foolish dARLA thats why!"

yeah yeah yeah I know, but frankly being foolish is making me happy and getting me by these days. So whatever.

You know you love me,
Take care,


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