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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Day 1

Well, I'm home and I didn't get my lunch money stolen. (partly because mom didn't leave me any (thanks mom!)) Classes were good. First was Intro to the History of Western Art at 9am this morning. I arrived and, of course, found no where to park, so I had to park down the garage and walk up. I have the same professor that I had last semester for History of Current Art. I then remembered why each morning before that class I drank some sort of drink with caffine. He's a good instructor it's just early and all we do is view slides while he lectures. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Although, there is a fun new boy named Kevin who today sat behind me. Hehehe. Next, I had The Study of Non-Verbal Behavior. This class I think will prove to be pretty interesting, learning how and why people treat other people differently because of the way they are dressed or nationality. I then went back over to the Art Building and waited for Liz to get outta 3-D design. We went to grade school together at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (curse that school) and now we meet again 7 years later. We've been friends all along but it's nice to go to school with her again. Fun times to come, no doubt about it! Liz and I enjoyed lunch and I introduced her to my buddy Jeff. I walked Liz to her 1pm class and went over to meet with my work study guy. See I'm his assistant and it's a joke for real. He pays me $8.50/hr which is pretty good for work study but I hate it. I'd rather work for a nickel and have it be something that I enjoy. For real, last semester he purchased a 300 page book and then realized that the type in it was too small so I had to photocopy the ENITRE book on 11x17 paper enlarging it 300%. The whole book. What a waste. That's the kind of stuff I have to do. So, I met with him and discussed when we're gonna be meeting this semester. Ahhhhh whatever I can handle it for another 16 weeks I suppose. But mark my word, I'm not going to do it again next semester.

So, now I'm home and I suppose I'll clean my room.

Until Then,
Take care,


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