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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Spring Break Time

Welcome to Spring Break...It would be more fun if I was actually going somewhere. O well, just being off of school is good enough. This is a weird semester for me. I haven't really felt like I've produced a whole lot and I've been in classes for eight weeks. But I did finally come up with some inspiration, so hopefully some good art will come soon.

I didn't go dancing for the first time in a while. I'm having a money crisis you see. The problem is that I have no money. Although, I did talk to Wiethops this week and I'm starting there on April 1st. For those who don't know, Wiethops is a little greenhouse down the street, our two families have been friends for a long time. Dad does all the maintence on their lawn equiptment. So, if there's a special flower that is your favorite just let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.

I think my time at the farm is coming to an end. There is drama out there like no other. Everyone out there just needs to grow up, me included. We have a communication problem. Noone can ever keep a regular tone with each other, it's always like everyone is yelling at each other. Sure, we have good days, shit we have good weeks, but it always ends up the same, we always come back to fighting about the same things. Someone wants this day off and someone didn't do this right and so on and so forth. Everyone is in everyone's business, and thats fine because there's only four of us, but the problem is everyone is in everyone's business behind everyones back, and that's not right. It makes for not such a fun time. I'm tired of getting yelled at because I talked to someone. I'm not asking this person to buy me flowers and take me to dinner, I'm just asking to get an answer to a question. Geeeezzzeeee. If we work at the same place, then we have to learn to co-exist in the same area. How rediculas.

This is that last weekend that I have free. Next weekend is Pslam Sunday and we have a numberous number of petting zoos. So, I'm enjoying this weekend doing nothing. Today was the first day of test and tune over at Gateway Raceway. Hopefully the boy's motors will be finished soon and we can all go and break some parts!!! (Just kidding mom)

That's all I've got for now.
Take Care,
You know you love me,


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