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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Happy Birthday to Alex

So Alex turned 16 today. What a day. He's been real mouthy all day and I told him that I liked 15 much better. So I feel bad because I didn't get him a gift yet, but I don't have any money. Like none. Zip Zero Zilch Nada. I'll get him one as soon as my money tree begins to blossom.

Racing season is quickly approaching. I can't wait. Daddy's been putting my motor back together and checking everything out getting it ready to put in. Hopefully we'll put it in on Friday. I just can't wait for the sweet smell of burning alcohol and tire smoke. Friday nights at the racetrack are like an escape from reality for me. It's like a mini vacation. It's a bunch of nerves and anticipation, sitting on the starting line waiting for the tree to fall. Total concentration.

So I have a mid-term in my Study of Non-Verbal Behavior class on Thursday. I don't think it's going to be that bad. I haven't missed any classes and I've taken fairly good notes. Plus she's going to give us like 16 words to define and we have to choose nine that we think we can do our best on. Then she's going to give us six essay questions and we have to pick three. So that doesn't sound all that bad.

I still need to shoot some pictures for my Public Art project in photography. I need a nice day and Tricia and Nicolas. Good luck with that, I know.

Tricia and Taylor got into a car accident last night on their way home. While I was heading home around 7:00 the radio kept saying how Highway 30 was slick and everyone becareful and such. Well Tricia said that the car that was in front of her started to lose control and then hit the car in front of it. She pulled on to the side of the road to make sure everyone was alright and as she was standing in front of her truck another truck came and hit the back of hers pushing it into her! She started screaming that Taylor was in the truck and ran and got her. Luckly it wasn't too bad. She said her hip just really hurts and her bumper is bent and a couple of scratches. Taylor was sleeping the whole time. What a mess!

So Joe got outta jail today. I wonder how that went. I'm waiting to hear from Dana later this evening. Everywhere I go now, more pieces fall into place. Alex and I had went up to Sam's today to drop off some film and then I started thinking about how I gave Joe two rolls of film to drop off while he was "working" and then like four weeks later I found them in the van right where I put them. And all he could say is that he must have forgot to drop them off. But like five days after he was supposed to drop it off and it was ready to be picked up and it wasnt there and I asked him about it, he was like "I don't know, I droped it off, they must have lost it" hmmmmmmmmmmm. It all comes together now.

A lot of random thoughts today. That's how my brain has been working lately. Really scattered.

Take Care,
You know you love me,

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