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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's hump day!

Welcome to Hump Day, I mean Wednesday. Ya'll know what tomorrow is don't you? That's right, it's Thursday. Dancing! Can't wait. Hopefully, I'll actually stay this week. I danced for like three songs last week then left because my shin splints hurt so bad. But this week, I've taken it easy and they feel better. What's this weekend hold? Hopefully lots of fun stuff. Taylor turns 2 on Friday, so I think we're going to do the whole Chuck E. Cheeze thing. That should be fun. Hopefully I'll have a partner to go with me, so that I can beat him in skee-ball! Then who knows what's gonna happen on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully something fun.

Dad and I were convinced that we were going to be able to drive the bus around the block last night. We were sooooo close. The motor was in, and everything was hooked up. We had pushed it out into the driveway and taken some pictures, dad had the fire extinguisher ready (silly dad), and we were pumped up. The time had finally come. So I turn the key and......nothing. The motor had tried to turn over but it wouldn't. We were depressed and convinced that we had just worked a whole day for nothing. Dad called the shop and Jim had said that it was no problem. The case for the transmission had not be clearanced enough for the flywheel of the motor. So, I had to loosen up the motor a bit and pull it out slightly and manually turn the motor. The flywheel is steel and the transmission case is magneseum (sorry I can't spell that). So in essence I had to grind the case down myself by turning the motor by hand. What a pain in the ass! So after what seemed like days of cranking, we were ready to try again. As I sat in the drivers seat I once again turned the key. It was turning! But then the starter went out. Dad took it down to the shop today and they said that they were out and wouldn't have anymore in until Tuesday. Just my luck. So now everythings on hold until then. Wish me luck though. We're so close.

That's all for now. School is....well school. Nothing exciting to report there.

Take Care,
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