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Sunday, February 27, 2005

And the weekend closes....

So, I made it, and all of the children are still alive. LOL. Although on Saturday morning I was making a call out for three body bags, one extra small and two small. It went well though. I think it would have been different if I was at my own home. I just felt like I got nothing done, probably because I got nothing done. If I was at my house I could have done something while the children slept. It was alright though. We all played at the park for 2 1/2 hours on Friday, and I had to be a "park mom" and I hated it! I had to listen to other moms complain how they can't keep their house clean, and how do I get my children to behave so well and on and on. I was like "oh these aren't mine, I just have them on lease for the weekend"

Nicolas finally showed up on Saturday night around 7:40. Of course, after Taylor had left and Mitchie was in bed. How convenient! It was funny though, we seen Aunt Moni pull in and he thought it would be funny if we were sitting on the couch with the television off reading the bible together. She came in and was like "Thank God you guys aren't naked, Wait what are you doing! Stop that!" It was pretty funny. We left there and came back to my house and sat in the hot tub for I know at least 2 hours probably longer. We were so pruney! We slept in this morning, well slept in as long as you can sleep in while the vaccuum is going. We helped dad with our input on the bus lights dad was working on and made some runs to Auto Zone. We sat in the hot tub once more and I left for soccer and he went back to school. We won our soccer game 3-1 and all was good.

So, on to some different news. So this won't mean a lot to people who don't know my past, but for those who do, you're not going to believe this. So I came into my room this morning and I had a voicemail on my cell phone. It was a number I didn't recognize so I called and listened to the message. It was Dena, the girl that Joe was sleeping with when he and I were together. Remember that whole deal? Well so, she wanted me to call her back, she said she didn't want to start any shit, just had some questions. And so I called, and her and I hit it off and talked for like 40 minutes. I learned more about Joe in 40 minutes then I did in 2 1/2 years of dating him. She must have apoligized to me like twenty times, saying she was so sorry for seeing him while I was, but he was lying to her too. I was like "that's alright, I'm well over that now." But anywho, remember I let him live here for 6 months and drive my cars and eat our food and so on and so forth, and he never paid us anything...well he told me he was working at Sams. Dena tells me he only worked there for ONE WEEK. One week, can you believe that shit. He "worked" there for like 4 months as far as I knew. She said he would come over to her house in my car!!!!! WTF?! And I knew something was fishy with him working there, but he is a very good liar. She said sometimes he would park my car up there in the parking lot and then Shaun would come pick him up and they would go out. See, he was very smart and always came home right at like 6:30am because he "got off work" at like 6:00. And I would ALWAYS ask him about how his day at work was and he would concoct this huge story about how work went. Jeeezzzee what a fool. She said he told her that the only reason he stayed here was because he didn't have anywhere else to live, and that we didn't even sleep in the same bed. Where else would he sleep? What a crock! And I told her how he would cry to me and tell me how much he loved me and how sorry he was that he made me sad and that he would make things better soon and she started laughing about how he does that same stuff to her. Man, this guy is good. So he's in jail and has been since January 3rd. She says he gets out Tuesday, and he wants her to come and pick him up and bring him cigarettes and weed. What an idiot. He's on probation for 5 years but she says he says that if he smokes right out of jail then he will flush out before they test him. Good luck with that. She says shes not risking her job and family (she has a 3yr old boy) to take a day off work to come and pick up his ass. I joked with her and told her that we should show up together down at Clayton when he gets out. She laughed and said, "he probably wouldn't even get in the car." Probably right. She said she had been meaning to call me sooner but Joe had deleted all my numbers and everything from everywhere so she couldn't get to them. So after a lot of tracking she got a hold of me. I enjoyed the conversation and it gave me a little more closure, because I was just so out in the dark about everything about him. Our whole relationship was a lie. Well, she told me more stuff but I think that's enough for now. Life is funny isn't it?

It's Sunday night, let's have one hell of a week this week. Summer's coming!

Take Care,
You know you love me,


  • At February 27, 2005 11:21 PM, Blogger STEVE said…

    Damn, that is a long ass story. LOL! It was a good one Dar. Well, I hope you have learn your leason. Let me tell you though, All men are not that way. Some of the good guys are still around here. We may have our faughts, but doesn't everyone. Always learn from your past, then make your present better. Your a very interesting woman. I bet you and nic had a blast in the hot tub! LOL! Take care darla...........Stevce

  • At February 28, 2005 3:23 PM, Blogger Nicolas Farley said…

    It was a good weekend! Got to hang out, chat, and relax, and most of all destress in the hot tub! :) Man I felt like a damn rubber band when I got out, but slept like a baby!


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