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Monday, January 17, 2005


YIKES!! So, tomorrow I start my second semester at Webster University. Nervous? Um..no. I just don't wanna go. I've had a little over four weeks off and now I'm not in the school mood. I'll adjust though.
What's that? I can't quite hear you. Oh okay, what classes am I taking. I thought you'd never ask.
  • Painting 1
  • Alternate Printing in Photography
  • Ceramics 1
  • Intro to the History of Western Art (yippee)
  • The Study of Non-Verbal Behavior
So, that's about it. Wish me luck. I hope I don't get beat up and get my lunch money taken! I'll let you know how it goes.

My weekend?
Thursday night was dancing as usual. Tricia and I brought a whole group with us. The truck was full to the gills. We had a good time, well, I did at least. That place is like a little slice of heaven for me. I can get away and forget what was weighing down on me all week. Plus, HOTT COWBOYS!! What more could you ask for? There was a particularly eye catching one this week. I didn't get to speak with him much, just during the barn dance. I did make an effort to go over and tell him goodnight before a certain someone and I left. I hope he shows up again soon!
Friday night Matt and I met Joe Wiseman and that whole group up at Harrahs for some gambling and drinking. No, I didn't win. In fact, I lost. $90.00 to be exact. Don't bring it up though, I'm still a little upset about that. But, the drinks masked the sadness very well. Drink after drink and before we knew it, it was 2:30am. Well, Matt, the good desginated driver, drove me home and I found my pillow somewhere around 3am.
Saturday I was farmin' it in the morning. Making sure that everything had hay and fresh water. Tricia and I didn't talk too much. I suspect she's still a little mad from Thursday night. (But that's a whole other subject) Um...then, well.....Let's just say I had an extended stay in Illinois. No juicy info, so don't even ask. A lot of football and sleeping. Yes, I said sleeping!

All for now, Take care.


P.S. Who's ready for camping????? The bus is almost finished. I'll get some pics of it up ASAP!! I was at Wal-Mart today and I decided that I wanted to buy one of those little green rugs that has astro-turf on it with the little daisy on the corner. Won't that just be sweet? LOL


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