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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Redneck yacht club

Nothing new I guess. Talk about a bus of a time. Stephanie and I took the bus to the Lake of the Ozarks last weekend. They have a bunch of construction on 44 by Cuba so we took some other random way. Well needless to say Steph didn't know where to turn off the secret way so we went all the way to Jefferson City and then to the lake. It was a little over a 4 hour bus tour, but hey, the bus made it and made it well. We did have to stop and get fuel half way there but that's alright. Steph wanted to sleep in the bus so Saturday night after our bottle of margarita mix and some beers we went and crashed in the bus all night..it wasn't too bad, we plugged a fan into the power inverter and it was quite nice, close but nice. So earlier that day me and Steph decided we wanted to go boating and her little brother Scottie and his buddy Nick wanted to go also, so we went and then I wanted to go tubing. No big deal. I got out on the tube and off we went. 15 minutes later I was tired of tubing but the boys wouldn't look back at me so I could motion to them that I was finished. I later learned that they found my Cosmo magazine that I was reading and were engulfing themselves in it and reading about why women don't wear underwear. So we hit a big wave and I flew off, but the boat kept going and going and going.... I was like "shit" so I swam outta the main channel and over by some guys dock so that I didn't get hit by any boats and then like 2 minutes later here comes the boat flying around the corner and Stephanie was yelling so loud even I could hear her. So, the boys got in trouble and we went back and docked the boat. It's funny now, but as the boat was going outta sight I didn't think it was quite so funny.

On a different note, I finished this really cool video of Taylor. It took me like 4 full days of work, but I think it turned out real nice.

We're going to try and go camping this weekend, me and Nickel and Steph and Tricia and John I hope. Who knows but it would be real fun.

Soccer resumes this Sunday and I start softball next Monday. Can't wait!

That's all for now,
Take Care,
You know you love me,


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