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Sunday, June 12, 2005

another week checked off the calendar...

Another week in life to check off the big calendar. Nothing even too exciting this week. Stephanie and I went out again on Wednesday, Heggar got a new apartment down by Tower Grove Park and it was Bob's birthday so we had to celebrate, Bob's way. It was a good time from what I can remember. Illinois was Thursday. Racing was Friday. Chloe and Mitch were Saturday. And, soccer was Sunday. We won our game and then Kim and I stayed and played with the next team, we tied that game. Oh yeah and I got some raft floating in, and I'm sunburnt. All over.

So, I think my divorce might be final. I tried to call tonight but with no avail. I left a message but that's it. It's a sad time in my life right now. It's funny how people can be so hypocritical (not quite sure how to spell that). But, that's life, and life's not fair.

That's about it. Really. Not too exciting huh? I've got a list of children I need to photograph, so I just need to call them tomorrow and get some times set up and also talk to my favorite Aunt Patty and see if I can borrow her camera.

Take Care,
You know you love me,


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