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Friday, July 08, 2005

Chippendales on my mind...

Talk about the funniest thing that I've seen lately was last night at Harrahs. Stephanie and I recieved two tickets to see the Chippendales from my beautiful grandma. We got there and got our seats and then went to get a drink from the bar and guess who walks in? Julie and Maggie (for those who don't know the four of us plus one more (Liz) were inseperatable (?) in our younger years). It was so great. The show started and Stephanie and I could not stop laughing. Four of them came out in leather pant and shirts dancing like Backstreet Boys or something. I rolled my eyes at Steph and told her that this show better spice up soon because this was lame. And sure enough it did just as they were ripping their clothes off. After a couple more dance routines all the boys came out into the crowd to dance for dollars. You'd wave your dollar around and then one would come and hump all over you and you got to shove your dollar down his pants. What makes this even funnier is that I bet 50% of the crowd was my grandma's age! There was this one grandma at the end of our row who had more dollars then she knew what to do with. She just kept waving them around and getting humped all over! Finally one of the guys made her stand up and he bent her over her chair and pretended like he was getting her from behind, all the while smacking her on the ass!! Mind you this lady was like 70 years old!! I never laughed so hard. That grandma spent the rest of the show chain smoking. So, needless to say all of us got our "dollar's worth" of the show and we then proceeded downstairs to have some drinks at the Ibar. It's Harrahs new bar. It was pretty cool. We met up with some of the dancers later in the Voodoo lounge and had some more drinks. So, overall the most fun I've had lately and I couldn't have asked to have it with a better group of people.

For me the summer is just beginning. Last week was Carlyle Lake. This weekend is Lake of the Ozarks and then back to Carlyle Lake next weekend for camping. Heck yes bus!!

I need to get serious sometime soon, my debit card is running out of money. No good I tell you, no good. But for now, tubing, waterskiing, waverunning and camping sound like a pretty good idea.

Take Care,
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