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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Eat my turf...

Soccer was SO rough tonight. The other team, The Scoobie Snacks, thought that they were hott shit and just kept shoving us around. We took the quick lead and by half we were leading 3-1. They came back to tie it but we ended up winning, but not after I got kicked out. This girl on the other team kept shoving the shit outta me so finally I had had enough and started pushing back. A penalty got called on me and as I was turning around, the girl was right in my face yelling. "CAN'T YOU PLAY WITHOUT PUSHING!!" I said "I CAN PLAY WITHOUT PUSHING WHEN YOU START PLAYING WITHOUT PUSHING!!" The ref quickly stepped in and told us to settle down. I again began to turn around when she just would shut up. We got into it and needless to say, we both got kicked out. The game only had like 5 minutes left so no big deal really and thank God we won. At the end the girl wouldn't even shake my hand. Ha!

So onto grades.. before I reveal the results let me set a scene for you. At midquarter I recieved a C+ from my painting teacher and I thought that was fair because I had never had painting before. So I worked real hard and never missed a class, that is more then I can say for the teacher though. He was never there. He would walk in and announce a work day and then leave, never to be seen again. What a crock then when critique time would come around I would get all this negative talk about my work, but no help to improve it. So when finals came around, we had to drop our paintings off and we could pick up our grades the next day from the office. The next day came and he again game me a C+. I couldn't believe it. Now, I'm no Piccasso, but I know for a fact that my second quarter stuff is much better then my first quarter stuff. So I promptly went looking for him to discuss this matter and of course he was no where to be found. I left him a letter in his mailbox telling him to call me to discuss my grade. Well he never called but I did notice that he gave me a B- for the semester. Which I am happy with, better then a C+. So with that said here's the rest of my grades.
  • History of Western Art B
  • Painting I B-
  • Ceramics I A
  • The Study of Nonverbal Behavior B
  • Alternate Photography A
So the semester didn't turn out too bad after all. I was pretty satisified with my grades for the most part, I wish I could have done a little better and had my A's outweigh my B's but there's always next semester.


Funny story I tell ya. I was driving the bus around today, keep in mind that it has no plates and I just got insurance on it two days ago so I have no proof of it yet, and Lukas (5) and Emily (9) and I decide to go up to the fueling station and get some fuel. Well wouldn't you know that there was two goddamned cops in the lot. Just my luck. So we decide to just drive on through because if I stopped for fuel I was for sure gonna get caught. So as we were pulling outta the gas station we were getting pulled over. Son of a &*^%!!!

Emily quietly says "I'm scared dARLA."
Lukas loudly exclaims "Not me, I'm not scared!"

I told them to settle down and sit straight. The officer was a typical ass and began giving me the 20 question game. I explained everything and he strode off with my license. He returned in a much better mood and presented me with my one ticket. I was grateful, because he could have given me like three. He ticketed me for failure to register with the DOR. He says once I get my plates I can get the fine excused and then I'll only have to pay court costs which is $51.50. That part sucks, but at least that's all I got. So, no more leaving the subdivision without liscense plates. And the kicker is that mom and Alex took the damn bus all the way to Auto Zone today and didn't get caught. Just my luck I tell ya.

That's all for now, sorry it was so long.

Take Care,
You know you love me,

P.S. For those who were wondering, the cards are once again outta the box and I think the flap might even be tore off. And not only tore off but tore up!!! Yikes.


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